Friday, October 21, 2016

The Floating Magazine

The Floating Magazine is (so far) an online personal project that I started in December 2015. It is dedicated to having meaningful conversations with visual arts from Asia and Middle East. Here are the artists who I have interviewed on the platform so far:

Chirag Wakaskar, founder, Everyday Mumbai (India)

Dhruvi Acharya, contemporary artist (India)  

Hadi Uddin, photographer (Bangladesh)

Xuan Loc Xuan, illustrator (Vietnam)

Eiman Elgibreen, artist (Saudi Arabia)

Shiho Kito, photographer (Japan)

Tejal Patni, photographer (Dubai)

Can Cetinkaya, illustrator & artist (Turkey)

Yael Bronner Rubin, artist (Israel/Hong Kong)

Esther Goh, illustrator (Singapore)

Jia Sung, artist (Singapore/USA)

Sveta Dorosheva, artist (Israel)

Nouf Alhimiary, photographer (Saudi Arabia)

Yashaswi Mathis, artist (India)

Takashi Yamamoto, printmaker & artist (Japan)

Sai Selvarajan, filmmaker (India/Sri Lanka/USA)

Neuneu Woo, illustrator (China/Singapore)

Kouzou Sakai, illustrator (Japan)

Adil Hasan, photographer (India)

Kurchi Dasgupta, artist (Nepal/India)

Chia Chi Yu, illustrator (Taiwan)

Kursat Bayhan, photographer (Turkey)

John Ed De Vera, graphic designer (Philippines)

Kishor Sharma, photographer (Nepal)

Selman Hosgor, illustrator (Turkey)

Kathrin Honesta, illustrator & graphic designer (Malaysia)

Heraa Khan, artist (Pakistan)

Meera Sethi, artist (India/ Canada)

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