Friday, December 4, 2015

Features | Gaysi Zine & White Print | Paper Planes

At Paper Planes, our love for indie magazines intensifies at an alarming rate with every new indie title we get introduced to. And more so, when we get to know the fascinating and inspiring stories about how these magazines are put together. So today, we walk backstage with the Gaysi Zine.
The Gaysi Zine comes from the well-known Gaysi Family, an eclectic group that’s been relentlessly working towards creating meaningful conversations within and about the queer community in South Asia through various platforms. The Gaysi Zine is an integral part of the group. Armed with its latest graphic anthology edition, which happens to be its fourth, The Gaysi Zine has been consistently successful in blending some very fine content with stunning and inventive design.
Well, how do they do it? 
White Print, a Braille lifestyle magazine in India, has only one full time employee – Upasana Makati–who also happens to be its owner, publisher and editor. In the last two years of its being, White Print has had a lot of content contributions from freelancers and now has a freshly struck agreement with Delhi Press’ The Caravan magazine, well-known for its long form journalism. However, there have been times when Upasana has had to write the whole issue herself. On a muggy September morning, we catch up with Upasana over coffee to get a lowdown on the process of putting together an indie magazine, especially a magazine that has had no specific reference point, being the first of its kind in India.

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