Monday, November 9, 2015

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Indian Express group (or Financial Express to be precise) and I go way back. I first started working with FE as a Trainee Reporter about 8-9 years back, which was kind of a life changing experience for me. It gave me some sort of direction in my life probably for the first time. I got tremendous amount of freedom despite holding the lowest rank in their editorial community. I worked at FE again almost after 3-4 years when I had taken a break to come back to Delhi. I worked with them in Delhi first and then moved to Bombay, as part of the FE BrandWagon team. Anyhow, FE recently came back to my life and now I am doing a little bit of freelance stuff for them. It's quite exciting to be writing for a newspaper again! :) 

Here is a short piece on an ad, marketing & media social networking website Kulzy:

And here is a piece on the English news channels space in India: 

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